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What is a hammock chair?

First of all, what exactly is a hammock chair? This piece of furniture, sometimes referred to as a hanging chair, hanging seat or floating chair is a seat which has a central suspension point and is therefore not in contact with the floor. A hammock chair is extremely comfortable and its undefined sitting position and dynamic swinging protects the health of your back and strengthens motoric skills and the sense of balance for children and adults. ​

But a hammock seat is one thing above all these things: It is the perfect seat for people seeking pure relaxation: Whether with a good book, with a tablet while surfing or watching a good tv show or a glass of good wine – the hammock chair lets you float comfortably above the stress of everyday life and adapts perfectly to the shape of your body. ​

This is why a hanging chair is a great thing:

  • Hanging chairs are incredibly comfortable
  • Hanging chairs are good for your back
  • Swinging in a hammock chair can soothe and relax you
  • Hanging chairs are practical
  • Hanging chairs look just great

The hammock chair was developed in South America as a modification of the classic hammock, which was used there by the Mayans about 1,000 years ago. For more than 60 years, the classic model is made of cotton, in contrast to the fibers used by the Maya from the bark of the Hamak tree. Nowadays, there are many different forms and designs that you all can find on hammockchair.net

Four hammock chairs in the park

Hammockchair.net: Information, guides and reviews

You will find here all the information you need before and after the purchase of your new favorite piece of furniture in detailed guides and reviews. The following are the most important guides:

  • Attaching the hammock chair: How to hang a hanging chair
  • Wash and maintain a hammock chair
  • Choose the correct hammock chair size

You’ll also find personal experiences and reviews to help you find the right model. In addition, particularly popular hammock chairs, which could not yet be reviewed by hand, are presented in detailed product presentations. In this case, for example, the Amazon customer evaluations are analyzed and our personal experiences with the manufacturers and their quality are included.

What to look out for when buying a hammock chair?

If you want to buy a classic fabric hammock chair, you should consider a few things. What you should pay attention to is explained below.

The right size

Even though you rather sit than lie in a hammock chair, the model of choice should be large enough to allow you to lie down. In addition, the seat should provide sufficient space to the side of the “occupant”. Many XXL hammock chairs have especially wide wooden rods.

The rule is that the fabric of your hammock chair should be at least 8 inches longer than you are tall. If it is longer, it’s good. If you are sure that you only want to sit in your hammock chair, this rule can be ignored.

Length of the bar: The spreader bar of a hammock chair is normally between 35 and 55 inches wide in most models for adults. We recommend a minimum length of 40 inches. In children, the bar may be shorter.

Good quality

Not only the size of the hanger has to be right, but also its quality. In addition to the many cheaper merchants, it is therefore worthwhile to take a look at the established brand name brands. For many years, these companies produce excellent quality hammock chairs in South America in fair working conditions.

With these brand suppliers you’ll get the best quality and you’ll enjoy your hammock chair for many years.

Quality features are, on the one hand, the materials from which the fabric is made (for example cotton, organic cotton or weatherproof synthetic fibers), and secondly the weaving density. While some suppliers use cheap, thin fabrics, brand suppliers often use thicker and dense woven fabrics for their own hammock seats.

Another feature of quality is the transition between the ropes on which the hammock chair was suspended and the seat fabric. While simple loops are being used here for some manufacturers, there are also special hanging chairs, which are equipped with braids, the so-called “Cadejos”, in which the cloth surface passes directly into the suspensions. This is not only beautiful, but also very durable.

The main types of hammock chair

Hanging chairs are available in a wide variety of designs and from different materials. Of course, the classics include cotton and wood, but also those made of rattan or wickerwork. There are, of course, also very unusual hammock chairs – here, for example, the hammocks from vulcanic rock (yes, correctly read) of Maffam Freeform have to be mentioned.

Here is a brief overview of the most important variants:

  • Classic model made of fabric
  • Wicker hanging chair made of rattan or polyrattan
  • Wooden hanging chair
  • Hanging crows nest
  • Hanging swing
  • Luxury and design hammock chairs

The classic hammock chair of fabric

The most famous, and at the same time the most classic hammock chair is made of cotton or synthetic fibers and can be seen as a variation of a classic hammock. Generally, it consists of a cross-beam (spreader bar), the fabric seat and ropes that directs the weight forces into the ceiling over the cross-beam. Some models also feature a swivel that allows rotation around the axis.

The classic hammock chair is generally fastened to the ceiling of a sufficiently high room and its a popular piece of furniture for living and children’s rooms. It is available from many brand manufacturers as well as from no-name providers. The fabric chair is generally the most favorable version on the market.

Basket hanging chair made of rattan and polyrattan

Hanging chairs made of rattan, also known as wicker hanging chair, are also very popular: they consist mostly of poly rattan, an artificial rattan imitation. Polyrattan is extremely weatherproof, which makes the rattan armchair particularly suitable for the garden. They are also a favorite design object for your apartment. But also the real rattan comes again: Meanwhile we offer again braided baskets made of real rattan.

In contrast to the models of fabric, a hanging basket made of rattan is not so flexible. They do not have much in common with a hammock anymore, rather with a classic chair. While you sit more stable, the seat does not fit so well to the body.

Due to their resistance to weathering, hanging baskets made of polyrattan are often used on terraces or on the balcony. If you remove the upholstery, they can also easily overwinter outside. With real rattan is not.

Weatherproof hammock chairs

In general, most models can also be used in the garden. For this you need either a hammock chair stand, or you can attache the hammock chair to a stable tree in the garden.

Hammock Chair Weather Proof

However, a few things should be taken into account: Not every hammock chair and also not every hammock chair stand is weather-resistant. The chair itself should be covered when raining or better be brought inside the house. Fabric hammock chairs start to mold quickly when they are not sufficiently dried.

The good news is: There are hammock chairs made specifically for outdoor purposes. These models are rain- and sunproof and can stay outside for the most time of the year.

Hammock chairs for children

In the children’s room a hammock chair or a hanging crows nest is the perfect piece of furniture. Through its free-hanging suspension, it promotes the motoric skills of the child and is also a huge climbing fun for the little ones. A hanging crows nest is perfect for children from 3 years on and a nice place to play.

Hanging Crows Nest

If the hammock chair in the children’s room sometimes interferes with everyday life, it is hung up and down pretty quickly and can be stored in the closet and does not take away as much space as a conventional piece of furniture.

Hammock chair brands

There are several brands in the US market, which have high-quality hammock chairs in the assortment imported from South America. Above all, there are the following providers:

  • Hammock Sky
  • Caribbean Hammocks
  • HammockBoutique
  • Hammaka
  • Magnolia
  • La Siesta

There are also many no-name providers, furniture stores and wholesalers, who also have hanging chairs in the assortment, but they are mostly imported from Asia and sold here via Amazon. Most of the time, the quality in these models is lower.

Origin of the hanging chair

The classic hanging chair has been developed as a modification of the hammock in South America. Accordingly, high-quality hammock chairs still come from Brazil, Mexico and other parts of South America. There, the weavers master the classical craftsmanship of the hammock and hanging chair manufacturing.

Cheap hanging chairs in the price range up to $50 come mostly from Asian mass production and dubious manufacturing conditions. Often, these models have problems with the quality and smell extremely unpleasant in the first few weeks.


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